A look over the shoulder II

It’s a new month, and I’m wishing all the Muslim brotherhood ‘Happy Eid el fitr’. It’s also the fourth day of the first half of the year 2019. And we’re pretty sure a lot of ‘x-periences’ have occurred in these past few weeks. So, do well to share with us. Remember, it’s good to share, as we all embark on the ‘War against Suicide’ crusade.

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And now the post……… The latter end.

……………I was almost ruined when my parents got to find out about my ordeal, and of course they were so disappointed as they happened to be leaders in the church, but I didn’t care because they were never really there for me. They were so caught up sheep herding other people’s children they left their own to the wolves and my siblings and I paid the price for that. By the time they were brought up to speed about everything happening with me, I had already aborted a pregnancy. The night of the abortion was one dreadful one. After the deed had been done, I came home from school all bleeding, shaken, sad and a mixture of several negative emotions. I somehow hoped my parents would notice that something was wrong with me, but, It went unnoticed. I was forced to think back to all the things I had gained from my past relationships and it happened that the negatives outnumbered the positive, and they kind of blurred out the positive experiences.

Then things took a more drastic turn. After my parents got to find out about everything one way or the other, and I received the beating of my life. My so called boyfriend left because his parents, having found out about the pregnancy earlier threatened to disown him. I had no friend to talk to, no one to share with, no one to hold my hands and tell me I’ll get through this. I was left by myself, like a reject, a castaway of some sort like I had a highly contagious life threatening disease. I became suicidal and inevitably overwhelmed by depression.

After a year, I met other guys and it all turned out to be one disappointing moment to the other. One particular one almost convinced me otherwise until I found out he still had connections with his ex since four years ago. Apparently, he couldn’t let go of her but he strung me on anyways and that was the height of it all. I was left devastated, discarded and broken.

A look over the shoulder.

Hello there! It’s a brand new month, and a gradual progress for us here at X-PERIENCES. We got our first “SHARER”. One who was able to stare the past in the eye and deal with it accordingly. Sure, it held a lot of regrets, pains and trips down cold, lonely corridors, long thought to be buried in the years past, but the “sharer” was able to come through.

Here is a piece of the story shared.

P.S,: Names of Sharers have been changed for anonymity and confidential reasons.

Also feel free to comment, every advice, contribution or scrutiny whatsoever is highly welcome.

My name is Sharon, and I just happened to have celebrated my birthday. And with the coming of a new age, I have become older, wiser and much smarter, considering the number of challenges I have been faced with over the past few years. I came of a realization that every single thing I did for myself,was never going to count, why so? You ask, I’ll explain as we go on.

I have never been so lucky when it comes to relationships or being in love. My first relationship like most relationship began on a good note, like a haven, a place that harboured all the love one could possibly ask for. He was then undergoing service under the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), a one year period dedicated to complete service to the nation (Nigeria). I on the other hand had just concluded my West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations as well as the National Examination Council (NECO) examinations. His service tenure began in April, but we met August and a fire ignited between us both.
Over the years I have been taught that, when a man really loves, sex is not a way of potraying that love, and this fuelled my resistance to his constant demands for sex. Moreover, I couldn’t bring myself to be emotionally tethered to someone who would soon leave, considering the remaining months of his service year. Eventually, time came for him to wrap up his service, he concluded and as quickly as he came, he left and all communication between us broke.
A year later, I met another guy and honestly, this one happened to know all the tricks in the book, sweeping me completely off my feet. He gave me all the attention I ever needed, showed me care I never got from my family members, had a listening ear and he loved me, or so I thought. I was so fooled and in love supposedly that I gave into his constant demands for sex and I didn’t even realize things were one sided in the relationship until much later. He was my first ever and looking back now, I wish I could turn back the hands of time, but if wishes were horses, beggers would ride.
He turned into something else. I would visit him and it would be like I wasn’t even there. He would invite another lady while I was there and they would go on chattering and laughing at their private jokes ignoring me the whole time. I guess this was the point I should have excused myself and cut him off, but sadly , I just couldn’t let go, I still loved him. The experience devastated me. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and then to years, I evolved into a nymphomaniac, I couldn’t control my urge for sex and life felt very terrible. Pornography was a major challenge as I sought various ways to get maximum satisfaction. I was wrecked, a state born out of that relationship……………..

A story from one of our Sharers, to be continued in our subsequent posts.

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It is common knowledge that every living being has experienced enormous amounts of events that have in one way or the other affected their lives either positively or negatively, leaving behind a feeling of bliss or loads of regrets. And as the common saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem half solved” hence the primary purpose of this site. We at ‘X-periences‘ are driven with the desire to hear your stories, most especially the sad and hurtful. By doing so, we intend to help relieve you and give due consolations and solutions where necessary. Besides by sharing your experiences with us, chances are you run into someone who has a similar experience, hence, cancelling the illusion that you’re the only one that has faced or is facing a particular problem.

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